A Google Pixel phone campaign overview and is iPhone finally meeting it’s rival?

Google are taking on iPhone toe to toe. The Pixel phone is receiving extremely positive reviews since it’s release earlier this month and is being regarded as one of Apple’s major competitors to look out for in future in the smartphone war. 

Their are many comparison’s being made between the Pixel and Iphone particularly with the looks and feel but it’s what’s under the hood that counts and because of this, Google are gaining the attention they deserve. Not just in sell through as previously discussed, but also in online presence. Let’s have a little look into where the tech specs are taking Google online and why it’s getting the social interactivity and impact it is.

Apple and Google’s phones are being compared a lot. Here’s a review of iPhone’s Siri vs Pixel’s Assistant:

 MKBHD – Siri vs Assistant Youtube review –  2,318,904 views


Pixel is gaining favoured Pixel reviews and PR stories in every direction online from tech insider web sites and social pages throughout Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. A few standouts that have created extremely high traffic views for them are Anandtech Choice and MKBHD as featured here …

MKBHD – Google Pixel review – 2,301,046 views


The major benefits customers are enjoying is the incredible camera (12.3MP Sony IMX378 sensor, which can capture 1080p video at up to 120fps, or 4K video at up to 30fps), the forthcoming additional hardware and accessories (including Daydream VR Headsets), Google assistant surpassing Siri’s interactions, increased battery life over iPhone (32 calling hours /14 internet usage hours), the speed of the processor (4 gb of LPDDR4 RAM), video stabilisation function … the list goes on!

We are also now starting to see Google promoting and advertising new and forthcoming interactive hardware to complement the phone as featured below:

made_by_google_familyThe Google Family – Interactive hardware is now started to be promoted to help the sale of the Pixel – Photo Courtesy: Gadgets 360


Interactive Pixel Hardware – The Daydream VR headset giving the viewer a virtual cinema experience exclusive for Pixel phone creating a great point of difference from iPhone. Photo Courtesy: Anandtech.com


We’ve also seen many new images of various different styles of interactive advertising surrounding the initial launch on social media pages such as these laser light images being projected onto buildings around the USA to attract attention and mesmerise it’s target audience:

Laser projection advertising through the US promoting the Pixel launch earlier this month. Photo courtesy: Google FB page


london-google-pixel-ads-4Traditional billboard advertising in the London’s tube seen recently. Photo Courtesy: Google FB


 The #madebygoogle official introduction conference for the Pixel phone has also gone viral on GooglesYoutube channel with over three and a half million views and counting!

In all, you could say Google have smashed the ball out of the park with this campaign and the way they have executed it. From the interactive digital tools they have used, the PR and traditional advertising, the high quality social media content and frequency of interaction, the forwarding of sample product toward celebrities to post video reviews to the PR tech reviews in all key tech and phone magazines and online websites.

It’s been a massive eye opener and givin Murdok great insight into how a campaign of thie size can be executed and rolled out on a global scale.

Arora, A. “4 Out Of 5 #Madebygoogle Products Are Not Coming To India, For Now”. NDTV Gadgets360.com. N.p., 2016. Web. 30 Oct. 2016.
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Google’s soaring company success rate thanks to the addition of new business avenues including Pixel.

Recent online analytic reports find evidence that search traffic on mobile surpassed desktop last year. About 59.5 percent of Googles net global ad revenues now come from mobile internet ads this year, up from about 45.8 percent in 2015 and overall company revenue up 20 percent from last year’s $18.68 billion according to eMarketer.


It’s no coincidence, then, that Google has introduced new business markets recently which includes their latest smartphone offering, Pixel. CEO Sundar Pichai highlighted Android’s “open, horizontal, free” platform, which he said spurs creativity and innovation from the user.


Google CEO: Sundar Pichai. Photo courtesy: Business Insider Australia


“The new devices are not only aimed at diversifying Google revenues but also at enriching Google’s advertising targeting capabilities as consumers engage and share information with Pixel, Google Assistant, Daydream View, Chromecast and other Google ecosystem devices,” eMarketer senior forecasting analyst Martín Utreras said in a statement.

It’s a genius move by Google, as it’s forced users of Pixel to engage in using Googles own aps such as Youtube, Gmail, Allo, Google Drive and Play Music as well as their Chrome browser instead of relying on third parties. This ultimately increasing revenue for the company as a whole as Pixel becomes a more common place smartphone within our society.

Google Paid Per Click Status .png

Google’s quarterly growth reflects strength in mobile search, Google Play and cloud. Mobile search and video are powering our core advertising business and we’re excited about the progress of newer businesses in Google and Other Bets,” Porat said in a statement.

This said, it’s fair to say that the introduction of Pixel into Google’s product mix has already been a smashing success and will continue to do so as sales increase and acceptance of the phone takes on in coming months. I can say this with confidence first hand after purchasing the Pixel myself 2 weeks ago and I absolutely adore it!

Stay tuned as I sum up the Pixel smart phone campaign as a whole in the last and final blog series on the Pixel campaign. Until then, Google wisely!

Balakrishnan, A. “Google Parent Alphabet Sees Earnings, Revenue Beat And Announces $7 Billion Buyback”. CNBC. N.p., 2016. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.
“Q3 2016 Digital Video Trends: Monetization, Audience, Platforms And Content – Emarketer”. Emarketer.com. N.p., 2016. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.
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New Advertising advancements in Google Pixel campaign

As we all now by now, Google launched it’s wonderful new Pixel phone onto the Australian consumer market on the 5th October 2016. Since it’s launch I’ve been taking note of the developments and advancements within their advertising campaign and how they are using their Google smarts to utilise an interactive campaign. 

As I woke up this morning, my Google assistant on my new Google Pixel smartphone, notified me that Google had launched a new Youtube clip and would i like to view it. I gave it a thumbs up and walah! #Pixel: Freedom by you advert appeared giving me new inspiration for this blog. It’s a beautiful world!

Figure 1 – New #Pixel: Freedom by you advert launched today 26/10/2015


Also published on 20th October this week on the Google Youtube: Google used U.S Tech Video Blogger, Alisha Marie to help push the Pixel phone by creating a glamping night out with her friends and giving the target market an insight into the technical side of the phone and it’s different user capabilities.

Figure 2 – New Video Infomercial with Alisha Marie posted on Google Youtube – 20/10/2015


This glamping infomercial then  prompts you to find out more about the phone at their Made By Google website where you can then buy the phone from your local Telstra dealer.

google phone buy page .png

Figure 3 – Made by Google website landing page.


In my next blog, I’ll be looking at how successful the campaign has been and new developments between now and then. Stay tuned!

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The puzzle of interactive hype surrounding Google’s Pixel smart phone.

Google officially released the Pixel smartphone in Sydney today and the official store for it’s launch is the Telstra,  George St Store. Their social media hype was very strategic all the way up until the launch and i’m certain there on after. Here’s a look into the strategies that have been used to convince, inform their target audience along the way.

Yesterday Google posted on their Facebook that their just one more sleep until the launch which I’m certain created hordes to camp overnight or wake in the wee hours to obtain the phone similar to what we have previously seen with iPhone launches in the past. 

telstra google .png(Figure 1: Google Pixel Smartphone Launch Day Announcement,  Google Facebook Page)


They also created a series of video advertisement on the lead up to the launch that gave it’s target audience a little more insight into the product with each post. Below is a post by Google on 18th October.

(Figure 2: Google Pixel Smartphone Launch Day Announcement,  Google Facebook Page)


Previous to this they features a Blog post with an entire rundown of the phone which also had links to the Google Youtube Channel, Twitter & Googgoogle links .pngle+

By linking readers to other media platform Google create an army of followers through creating interesting and relevant material that their fans are interested in viewing or reading into.

In viewing and subscribing to their Tweets and various social media channels, the audience then finds themselves part of team or becomes a friend of the brand if following on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. This then creates brand equity from creating good content material for their audience.

(Figure 3: Links to Google Digital Platforms via Google Blog Page)


Initially to get Sydney on board and personalise it’s postings, they created this video of it’s interactive adverting on Bondi Beach posted on October 3 through their Facebook and Instagram accounts. People feel bonded by posts like this especially if the posts have a familiar back drop that they have an emotional connection to.

(Figure 4: Google Pixel Smartphone Launch Day Interactive Advertisement at Bondi Beach, Sydney:  Google Facebook Page)


Stay tuned for our next post as we look into how effective the campaign has been and how successfully lucrative the official launch day was for Google.

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#madebygoogle interactive advertising installations hit Australia.

Google have been using these quite simple but very effective interactive advertising installations in key landmark locations throughout the world and now Australia to drum up exposure for their new Pixel smartphone. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 4.10.18 PM.png

Pic of Google Interactive Advertisement in Sydney Harbour. Photo: SocialFeed.Info


Sydney Harbour, Bondi, Manly and Melbourne have recently received these installations which allow participants (target audience) to have their photo taken within the phone’s outline so that your photo resembles the Google phone’s home screen with the destination landmark in the background.


Pic of Google Interactive Advertisement in Melbourne. Photo: SocialFeed.Info


Participants are also prompted to use the hashtag #madebygoogle which is simply indicated on the installation itself. It’s very clever as participants would also add the hashtags of the location. For example: #sydney or #melbourne as well as #phone, #smartphone and others to help Google spread the word throughout various social media aps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.


Pic of Google Interactive Advertisement in Martin Place, Sydney City. Photo: SocialFeed.Info


The installations look like they may cost between $200 – $500 to create however the PR value that they would create would well exceed the cost of the installations via the spread of social media posts as mentioned.


Pic of Google Interactive Advertisement in Manly, Sydney. Photo: SocialFeed.Info
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An Integrated Marketing insight into Googles ‘Pixel’ Smart Phone Advertising Campaign

Google recently released the Google Pixel smartphone worldwide on October 4 2016. It’s been a tremendously creative and highly visible campaign so far and has typically been broadcasted through traditional advertising from television ads, website banners and public billboards to W.O.M advertising on social media aps, blogs and video’s to careful several various online integration strategies. You name it, Google are on it!


(Figure 1 – Full range Google Pixel phone, photo: dpreview.com)


In terms of advertising and social media integration Google has done whatever it can to cover as much ground as possible to create a worldwide spread of their message Here’s a few examples of what they’ve been up to with the campaign so far:

  • Google have obtained every possible Instagram account containing the words Google Pixel from pixelbygoogle, googlepixelxl, pixel_google, googlepixelphone, pixelgoogle, google_pixel to ensure the brand is represented in the right fashion and their message is consistent.
  •  Hundreds of blogs, newspapers and social media feeds around the globe have picked the story up on release and ran with it, from tech magazines such as Wired and PC Mag to international news sites such as news.com.au and the Telegraph U.K.
  • The Google Twitter account has tweets incorporating the Pixel T.V adverts with 10,000 + likes and counting.
  • The official Google Blog blogged about ‘Pixel’ linking all appropriate links and cleverly including direct pre-order purchase links for Australian customers direct to their key suppliers being Telstra, JBHiFi and the Google Store
  • Google added a “Pixel Phone by Google” community on Google + and created hype posts prior to it’s launch and during the campaign.
  • Google has also created various Facebook community pages and every gadget and phone business has picked it up on as a worthy story to either repost or review on their own facebook page.

Take a look at the first official T.V advert that’s been posted on all social media formats

(Figure 2 – ‘Life By You’ advert, video: Google Youtube Chanel)


It’s a fun, playful ad that really sets the tone for a young, creative and adventurous target market incorporating a cool track by Jagwar Ma and donates the question of what the white is and what is it’s purpose.

Traditional billboard advertising strategically placed in key locations around the globe 

Billboard Advertising 2 .jpg(Figure 3 – Google Pixel Phone traditional billboard adverting, photo: Creative Review)
google-billboard-advertising(Figure 4 – Google Pixel Phone traditional billboard adverting, photo: Creative Review)

Over the next few blogs we’ll be documenting the Google Pixel campaign as it unfolds, and discuss the effectiveness of the campaign and the integrated advertising Google use … so stay tuned!

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A little insight into WeWood wooden watches

About 3 years ago one of our reps came into the store to purchase a gift for his partner. As he was handing over his hard earned I couldn’t help but notice the standout timepiece he was wearing.

Back then, the Jupiter watch had a green led digital readout and I couldn’t help be blown away by watches overall appeal. Both impatiently and excitingly I asked, where on earth did you find your watch? In Canada he replied. That afternoon, I approached them directly and bam! Murdok was the very first account in Oz for these amazingly unique watches we’ve grown to love over the past few years.

metis_beige_frontmetis_chocolate_frontthe Metis AUS $129

Sure enough, most of us are pretty familiar with them by now but it’s still pretty great witnessing newcomers see them for the first time. The intrigue and list of enquiry q’s go on and on.

black_eyed_peas_wewood jupiter_beige    Jupiter AUS $139– As worn by the Black Eyed Peas

With the growth of WeWood over the years has come a massive rise in popularity particularly with certain rockstar celebrities.  Also along the way has come an array of many new styles to please all wrists and sexes from the double timepiece Jupiter classic to the miniature female analog Moon watch to the more contemporary and current oversized Voyage watch you see below.

voyage_beigevoyage_blackthe Voyage $139

Apart from just looking pretty special, the good kids at WeWood also donate a portion of every watch sold to a reforestation program and use the trees they’ve planted to create the watches you see here. You can feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that your dollar is going to a good cause and enjoy your wooden watch without feeling guilty about where your favorite little fury is going to spend the night in the woods tonight.

For more info, full catalogue and purchase of WeWood watches head to www.murdok.com

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