A little insight into WeWood wooden watches

About 3 years ago one of our reps came into the store to purchase a gift for his partner. As he was handing over his hard earned I couldn’t help but notice the standout timepiece he was wearing.

Back then, the Jupiter watch had a green led digital readout and I couldn’t help be blown away by watches overall appeal. Both impatiently and excitingly I asked, where on earth did you find your watch? In Canada he replied. That afternoon, I approached them directly and bam! Murdok was the very first account in Oz for these amazingly unique watches we’ve grown to love over the past few years.

metis_beige_frontmetis_chocolate_frontthe Metis AUS $129

Sure enough, most of us are pretty familiar with them by now but it’s still pretty great witnessing newcomers see them for the first time. The intrigue and list of enquiry q’s go on and on.

black_eyed_peas_wewood jupiter_beige    Jupiter AUS $139– As worn by the Black Eyed Peas

With the growth of WeWood over the years has come a massive rise in popularity particularly with certain rockstar celebrities.  Also along the way has come an array of many new styles to please all wrists and sexes from the double timepiece Jupiter classic to the miniature female analog Moon watch to the more contemporary and current oversized Voyage watch you see below.

voyage_beigevoyage_blackthe Voyage $139

Apart from just looking pretty special, the good kids at WeWood also donate a portion of every watch sold to a reforestation program and use the trees they’ve planted to create the watches you see here. You can feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that your dollar is going to a good cause and enjoy your wooden watch without feeling guilty about where your favorite little fury is going to spend the night in the woods tonight.

For more info, full catalogue and purchase of WeWood watches head to www.murdok.com

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Obey label kingpin Shepard Fairey sentenced to two years probation by a U.S. District Court in NYC

Shephard Fairey has been sentenced to 2 years probation and 300 hours of community service and pleaded guilty to charges of criminal contempt for destroying evidence related to an earlier lawsuit surrounding copyright laws this week.

Obey Court CaseShepard is well known for sampling popular images and recreating them to become his own for his clothing lines and street posters for his multi million dollar company Obey.

Obey pays homage to underground pop culture and exposes images of underground and relevant icons from hip-hop, punk rock, art and politics. As within these sub-cultures all good ideas are sampled and broken down to form something new with a contemporary twist to form a product that is related to our time.

Obey Court Case Even to this day copyright laws are still very unclear to artists and musicians alike and often get themselves into hot water without much consideration.

Have your say. Do you think it’s fair to condemn an artist to set an example for other artists that consider to sampling others work to become their own?

For artist product head to www.murdok.com

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A Happy Death

Whilst exploring my favourite haunts around Melbourne late last year I stumbled upon a striking gift card of Jesus Christ made up of several fish entitled ‘Fish Christ’.

This is the sort of artist I enjoy. An artist that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, is playful, adds a dollop of wit and perfectly executes. Generally speaking, this style of art is highly overlooked … not too far removed from a good dj these days.


Fish Christ by artist – Kyle Montegomery

As I continued through the card rack another image took my fancy. It consisted of a splay of palm trees mirrored together and doctored to create what I perceived as a psychodelic paradise.


Pictured – Palm Paradise by artist – Karolina York

I checked the back of both of these gift cards and found that the same company ‘A Happy Death’, a Melbourne based independent duo had produced both of them!

I purchased both cards and headed on back to sunny Sydney where I then got in contact with the company and hooked up my store as a supplier of ‘A Happy Death’.

A Happy Death gift cards are very unique and playful and are a little bent. They utilise a handpicked selection of artists from predominantly Australia and around the globe to produce striking original images that are printed on 100% recycled card and are produced using vegetable inks to make the entire package environmentally sound.

For more info and to view a healthy selection of A Happy Death gift cards click here

Ben – Murdok

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Lexon make your everyday items both fun & and radiculously attractive!


For over 22 years in development, Lexon has remained faithful to its design commitments. Electronics, luggage, travel, office and leisure accessories: this direction is not measured in figures. Sensitivity is its dimension.

The intimacy that Lexon maintains with its accomplishments is also the one that Lexon casts on you: friendly objects for friendly users.


Lexon has been pioneering creative solutions in the world of objects and communication. A unique artistic and industrial equation. Innovative, functional, well designed and manufactured, the products are at once both timeless and functional.

Based on a simple philosophy ‘to delight and be useful’, products start with imagination,  and find their way to enhance your desk.


Above all Lexon make your everyday items both fun, attractive with ease of use … just the way life should be.

You’ll find Lexon items available in Australia at www.murdok.com

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Hey guys, I must apologise for the long break between posts. It’s a long story but to cut to the chase, all of Murdok’s tools had become somewhat outdated from the POS, accounting system, webstore you name it .. after 3 years we had quite simply grown out of our old skin.

So, with a new lease on life for Murdok just around the corner I thought I should give you a little heads up so you know why we’ve been so quiet on the social front for the past 6 months. From here in you’ll be sure to receive constant cultural updates, party, sale, comps and giveaway info and basically anything else we find ammusing surrounding Murdok right here from here in.

Until next update, I urge you to have a little squizz at our shiney new webstore at www.murdok.com and click the little like icon if you’re into the new look. Oh, and yes … we also now proud owners of the dot com meaning that now for the first time we are also trading and shipping to every country in every region for a small freight flat rate.

So please, stay tuned. It’s nice to be back!

Ben – Murdok


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This must be the place

As most of you know Murdok is based in Manly, NSW, Australia and we never take for granted just how beautiful this part of the world we live in is.

This morning at 5.04, 30/11/12 I had a calling from the earth to document it’s sunrise and witness it in all it’s glory and I’m so glad I did.

Blessed. BS

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Murdok Women’s Summer has arrived!

First of all, we must apologize for the lack of communication with you all over the past couple of months. Murdok HQ decided we needed to knuckle down and program a newly developed high end point of sale system so that we may grow and blossom and continue to deliver to you the most amazingly unusual, eccentric, exotic and wonderful pieces from our own boroughs and from afar.

Enough of the formalities already …

So then, we finally decided to come of age and complete our first ever Murdok range shoot for summer 2012. By popular and public demand we had the privilege to utilize Manly’s own wonder girl model Miss Lyndsey Anne and Swedish import make up artist extraordinaire Pernilla Ackerfors. Many thanks guys … It was a real gas and a pleasure working with you both!


The summer ranges are amazing this year! Jam packed with generous dollops of color and delight from the likes of Something Else, Zoologie!, Handsom and Stussy for good measuer.

We personally are gobsmacked by the consistency that Natalie Wood, designer of Something Else has achieved this summer. Her inspiration stems from club, to beach, to dining room and there’s a something appropriate for all within this collection.

The looks can now be seen in store or online at www.murdok.com


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